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Daniela Bove is an Integrative Psychotherapist working with both adults and children.  She has an MA in Psychotherapy & Healing and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy Studies.  Daniela is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and her practice, Rainbow Bridge Holistic Therapy,  operates from her therapy room on Olney High Street.
  • "A beautiful person with a beautiful caring soul. She has been truly caring through tough times."

    D Goumal
  • "I just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping my daughter. She has a much improved relationship with her dad because of you and it is work in progress!! A huge thank you!"

  • "Daniela Bove helps me to understand my feelings so I can manage them better. We all need help sometimes so I can recommend Daniela when you need someone to trust and talk to."

    S P

Daniela works with individuals, couples and families, she offers a supportive environment where  you can explore your feelings together, however difficult, and move forward with your life.  As an integrative therapist, she is trained to use a range of therapies to help you feel more connected to your true Self – these encompass:

Psychoanalysis - Talking therapy, helping you find the root of your problem and to process blocked feelings

Behavioural therapy – Strategies to help you recognise and adapt negative behavioural patterns

Mindfulness – To help you stay present and embodied, which can help you find an inner sense of calm

Theraplay techniques – Predominantly used with children to help with attachment disorders and sensory needs

Play therapy – For children and adults to process blocked feelings / trauma through play

Creative techniques – Use of art, drama, drawing and mapping; Active imagination; Dream analysis

Integrative Psychotherapy can help with stress, depression, addictions, anxieties and those who are feeling a general apathy towards their life.  It can help with behaviours that feel stuck, and repetitive behavioural patterns that you would like to make more sense of so that you can move forward with your life with positivity.  Other specialist areas include Adoption and working with families.


Testimonial Case:

Below is a testimonial from a case where Daniela was able to help a mother and her child to ovecome a stressful time, this may give you an idea of how Daniela may be able to help you realise a happy and positive outcome:


First, let’s hear from the son:
Dear kids,

I am 11.
I can tell you that Daniela is :-






Bit crazy


Good at listening


She helped me figure stuff out. My life is lots happier now. I still get mad about stuff, but I can explain how I feel, and I do the breathing patterns that Daniela taught me too. AB

Now, here are the Mother’s thoughts:

Ok – here goes Dan, it was quite emotional to write.  And do let me know if you’d like it to be less open, and more “professional” – I’m very happy to tweak.


My son was very angry.  And sad.  In equal measure.  We’d been battling with ferocious outbursts and irrational behaviour for some time.  As parents, we felt way out of our depth in terms of understanding the cause, never mind knowing how best to handle, or even resolve the situation.


The crunch day came when my then 9 year old son told me that he’d rather be in heaven.


I called Daniela and stumbled my way through what must have sounded like the ramblings of a mad woman – it was impossible not to be emotional.  Daniela guided me through the discussion in a kind but structured fashion, allowing her to make some sense of my debrief.


My son hid initially during the first visit, refusing to engage.  Daniela coxed him into chatting, and that is where the “healing” process (as I choose to think of it) began.  Dan’s sessions with my son were very much their time.  My husband and I digested each debrief from Daniela, and worked very hard to take on board the feedback indirectly from our son, take action, make changes, and accommodate some of (not all of) his requests.


Daniela worked wonders, and it didn’t take long in the grand scheme of things.  Listening, providing coping mechanisms, laughing, sympathising, rationalising – this was all part of the process between them.


Our son, now almost 12, is in a completely different place.  Much better equipped to deal with life, loves school, enjoys his friends and sport – all of which he appeared externally to do previously, but it was a very different story on the inside. We now have the harmony of both.  I asked him recently what he felt had helped him so much – it is very simple in his mind, and he had only one word .. “Dan!”.


I can wholeheartedly recommend Daniela Bove; she is a very professional, talented therapist.


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